A Can of Worms

IMG_8453Tonight while on facebook, I saw someone post about her daughter and her battle with autism… my heart breaks for her. I know its got to be hard. As I was online I looked up a site about Autism and came across Generation Rescue. I heard about this site a while ago, but never really read through it completely.

Well after an hour tonight, I did… Well most of it 🙂 – I read all the information they had on vaccines.
As well as watched the video on the home page.

I have posted about all of this before… so many of you know where I stand.

I dont want to sound like a broken record… but after reading this site I feel compelled to share one thing….

The vaccination schedule…
It shows what I got as a baby… in 1983 vs. what most babies are getting today.

In 1983 most babies got 10 vaccines from birth – age 6…

Today babies get 36!

View all the vaccines they are putting into our babies HERE

I am not writing this to say parents don’t care about their babies if they vaccinate.
Im not writing this to say Doctors dont care about our babies.
Im not writing this to say anyone who vaccinates is wrong.
Im not writing this to point fingers.

I am writing this because I was one of those moms who never knew.
I was one of those moms who just assumed Dr’s knew best.
I was one of those moms who was made to believe that if I didnt vaccinate, I was wrong.

I knew nothing about vaccines when Caleb was born…
I was 21… and just did what was expected.

Caleb for his 1st year of life battled ear infection after infection.
Caleb I remember at just a few months old acquired a 104 degree temperature after a vaccine… and when I told my Pediatrician of this, he said “Thats fine, its normal” – He also told me the swelling in Calebs leg (red and raised) Was normal as well.

After having my son poked and prodded looking for reasons as to why he was having so many colds… issues with congestion… I began to think… and question one thing… vaccines.. and that is when I did my home work… and made the decision not to give him any more… and from that day on he was a completely different baby… and I am so glad I stopped when I did… because who knows what could of happened, had I kept pumping his little body full of those things.

After I had Taite I still battled with thoughts…

“Am I putting him at risk not vaccinating?”
“Am I paranoid?”
“He will be fine if I vaccinate… right?”
“Doctors keep assuring me, its the best for my baby…”

…but after prayer… and LOTS MORE RESEARCH… I decided not to vaccinate Taite, at all… until age 2. But after 2 shots after he turned 2… I have since decided to just wait until age 5… and I am still questioning getting them then.

This is my decision.
It might not be yours.
That is fine.
It is not my place to tell others what to do.
But I just want to encourage any parent out there, to read up on vaccines…

A good place to start is THIS WEBSITE.
Read it all!!

I will end with this quote:

Those who question the benefit of mass immunisation are not all irrational non-believers. Most support vaccination but are concerned at – and question the necessity for – the large number of vaccines and the early ages at which these are given. Many have studied the research, only to find – as I have – contradiction and uncertainty. They deserve to be treated with respect and given the opportunity for an open and honest debate.”

– Dr. Richard Halverson, letter to the British Medical Journal



About dreawood

32 Yr old Mom to 4 boys. Married to a former Cop who now Pastors a Evangelical church in SC. Professional Photographer and random blogger @ www.dreawood.com
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20 Responses to A Can of Worms

  1. Carrington says:

    I absolutely love generation rescue, such a great site, and such a great organization. My other favorite sites for autism (and great vaccine resources there as well) is TACA (Talk about Curing Autism) http://www.talkaboutcuringautism.org/index.htm

    and Autisms One as well. 🙂 http://www.autismone.org/

    I’m proud of you for being brave enough to share your story- and be honest (and without judgement)

  2. Jessica S says:

    Thank you so much for those links! We stopped vaccinating our son when he was about 1 (he’s now 4), and now we have a 7 week old baby whom we have decided to at least delay vaccines if not skip them all together. She’s supposed to go in for her 8 week check up soon and that’s when the second (well, it would be second if she had gotten the first!) round of immunizations would be. I’ve been looking for some good websites so that I can be well-informed when I tell them I don’t want the vaccine.

  3. Brynna says:

    None of my children are vaccinated, but we started the same way as you- initially choosing to delay until a certain time, and then that time came, and we still weren’t comfortable, and then it go “delayed” indefinitely. It took me a little while to be completely comfortable with our decision (after all, we’re “trained” to believe one way, and going against that takes some getting used to!), but now I cannot imagine vaccinating my children (at this point). It’s something we regularly research and pray about, and I know that if God leads us to vaccinate, we will. But for now, I definitely feel far more confident not vaccinating and keeping my children healthy from the inside out! I’m grateful to have a very medical family (MD’s & RN’s) who’re also very supportive of not vaccinating (but also of natural health!).

    I totally believe this is something each parent NEEDS to put a lot of thought into (as vaccines are clearly not okay to “blanket” every child- children are each individuals, and why on earth “we” believe that one composition is going to work the same for every single child in the country/world, I’ll never understand…), and I wish it were more common knowledge that parents DO have a say and that they’re NOT required for public schools, many daycares, etc. I also wish more people were educated on what they call “herd immunity,” misdiagnosis statistics, etc, before accusing unvaccinated children to be the cause of disease outbreaks.

    Overall this topic just makes me sad that so many parents are fooled into believing they have no say in the health care of their OWN children, and that their intuition is wrong, or that they can’t possibly know enough to make these decisions on their own… 😦

  4. Stef says:

    I’m with you on this 100%

  5. Regina says:

    I’m glad that my post compelled you to have emotion…I hope it affects others in the same way….I think I hurt more for ME than I do for Harley sometimes. When you have a child you image them growing up and having a fun childhood-playing pretend, coloring, writing their name, and making new friends. She does not realize that she is excluded by others or that people are standoffish around her. She smiles and laughs because thats what she does when she’s happy and she flaps her arms/puts her fingers in her ears/cries when she is overstimulated or upset. I guess it’s hard for ME to see the world’s reaction to her.

    Autism is the barrier that is keeping her from accomplishing so many things and like I’ve said before I truely, truely feel the excessive # of vaccinations she received early in life are the cause. Harley was born in 2003 and by her 1st birthday she had recieved 19 vaccinations! (I looked it up on her immunization card and even read it in her baby book!) it was after she received her MMR vaccination that we started to see her either stop doing things she had done in the past (make good eye contact, babble, feed herself, hold her cup/bottle, etc) and she because very irritable and hard to confort sometimes. Having a child that was seemingly perfect and right on tract become a different person was extremely heart wrenching–sadly our former pediatrician just would tell me when I voiced concern that she was just a slow learner! Thankfully now that we have daughter #2 we have a different pediatrican who isnt so quick to push us for every vaccination and is helping us be aware of things to watch for w/Laura.

    On this website you will see story from a mom who also has a daugther w/autism–her words ring so true to my emotions and feelings when it comes to Autism….. http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/Have-A-Child-With-Autism/477954

    • Dreawood says:

      @Regina, Thanks Regina for sharing!
      Dr.s ive come in contact with never ever blame the vaccines. I have yet to meet a dr. admit it. But I dont believe that for a second.
      I think just like anyone, some people take things differently… and some babies bodies just might not be ready for what they are given. We arent all the same.. and we should not expect every baby to be able to handle these vaccines at the same rate. Thats why I think it just be wiser to wait and spread them out. What is the hurry! you know?

      Your girls are precious, and even though I havent met Harley im sure shes so so sweet.
      Shes got a good mama too.. and that is a blessing!

  6. Donna says:

    But on the flip side…medicine was NOT where it was in 1983…so many more advances and so much more knowledge etc…If you had cancer would you opt to use the techniques from 1983 or the techniques from today???

    Just throwing this out there…I’m not sure where I stand my kids have gotten almost everything…but I have opted out of some.

    What happens when your child want to be a doctor/nurse later in life…it is going to take a lot of catching up for them to even be able to start school…

    So much to consider…I’m not a doctor and have no medical knowledge so I’m not sure I am capable of making decisions…this controversy wasn’t in full force (that I knew of) when my kids were babies (6 and 10).

    Not saying you are all wrong at all…

    I do think vaccines need to be reevaluated nowadays…just like recently vets found that they were over vaccinating dogs/cats with rabies…it went from needing it once a year to every 3 years…so more study from experts would make me feel comfortable.

    • Dreawood says:

      @Donna, I dont think that really has anything to do with vaccines.
      Of course id want the treatments of today for other things. But that doesnt mean that all advances are good ones.
      Also you dont need the vaccines to start school. It is not a requirement by law and almost all states we have rights and our kids can still go to public school and college without them.

      If it was a problem, why not wait til that child is older and their body isnt developing its brain among other things… thats my thing.. I dont think all vaccines are bad. I think there has been some benefit. I just do not agree with how quickly they are giving these to young children.. and I think we need to wait and spread things out. I dont see what the hurry is.

      If theres ever doubt there in a parents mind tho… regarding vaccines… I think that doubt is worth looking into… and that it is just wise to do the research, rather than taking a Doctors word for it.

      • Stef says:

        @Dreawood, My Doctor once admitted to me that the rush in doing that when they’re tiny infants is because some new parents use the hospital just to give birth and then don’t come back for follow up stuff, like vaccinations and physicals. SO they began inundating babies with as many 2 year vaccines as they could in the birth -2 month period. After he told me that I asked him if there are any good books on how to properly space them and he directed me to Dr. Sear’s book called The Vaccine Book (highly recommended!) so now, the ones we’ve chosen to get, we get when we want to; spacing them out as healthy as possible. And some, we’ve just chosen not to get.

  7. maggie says:

    Not only that, but most vaccines only last 10-15 years. If a person contracts simple childhood diseases later in life they are more likely to have a worse reaction and more complications. So immunizing our kids against chicken pox at age two (or is it 18 months?) will only protect them until they are teenagers. (info from the CDC website) I suppose that means boosters for the rest of their life – which is good for the companies that make vaccines but not so good for the people.
    I think a lot of vaccines are about money, not about protecting children.

    As for getting the cancer treatment from 1983 – I think I’d prefer it! The cancer treatments that are in use today are toxic to the body. In 1977 Dr. Gerson discovered a natural, non-toxic (and more effective) treatment for cancer so I’ll take that any day!

    I prefer natural cures, natural treatments, and natural immunity.

    • Dreawood says:

      @maggie, Thank you for sharing Maggie! I agree.. I had chicken pox at age 5, so did my brother. We were fine! Missed a few days of school and then good to go.

  8. Laura says:

    I remember recently being so upset after hearing that my sister hasn’t vaccinated her kids… what if they get polio, or some other awful disease that vaccinations have saved so many from? My kids have all been vaccinated, and thankfully didn’t have any terrible reactions. But I have certainly wondered too… is there a relation between the rising incidents of autism and vaccinations? and have also pondered the big business of drug companies and their influence on doctors and us as the public. Great discussion Andrea, thanks for putting it out there. Gives me things to think about and love your heart in knowing that there are different thoughts out there and that’s okay, but while also sharing some of experiences and your findings.

  9. Brynna says:

    Also, it’s not just autism that is something to wonder about…think of all the chronic diseases and health issues that are plaguing our older generations (think Alzheimer’s, for one). I mean, it’s collective, I’m sure (our lovely American diet, lack of exercise and overall health, over medicating, etc) but we’ve also been injecting people with all sorts of unnatural (and often toxic) substances for the last however many years- they’ve GOT to play a part. It’s scary (to me) to think that our children’s generation is already experiencing so many problems so early on…what is it going to be like when they’re all grown? 😦

  10. Lis says:

    What lovely cans of worms you open. I missed out on the breastfeeding *can* since I read it so late. Obviously I am an advocate for breastfeeding and would like to see more mothers informed/educated/researching the benefits of it (especially if you are postponing or opting out of vaccinations). Though nothing can provide for baby like the miracle breastmilk, I know there are times when you are unable to (I am 5 months pregnant with an 11 month old and my milk supply has severely diminished) we’re down to nursing only once a day. If unable to give baby what’s best the next best thing now becomes best because it’s attainable (isn’t nearly anything better then starvation?). Anyhow your post isn’t even about breastfeeding…really I had just wanted to mention that there IS another option out there for those unable to breastfeed. Making your own formula. That way just like making your own baby food you know exactly what is in it.

    As for the vaccination controversy it has been going on for many years, though perhaps not as mainstream as it is today. My parents didn’t have us vaccinated till around school age (my oldest brother is 31) and opted out of vaccinations completely with my youngest sibling (he is now 20).

    I’m glad you are able to use your blog to encourage parents to get informed and research for his/herself, regardless of the worms that escape because of it.

    • Drea says:

      @Lis, Do you make Jubilee’s formula? if so where are recipes for it?

      • Lis says:

        @Drea, I decided not to make a full on formula, first probably because I’m lazy, and secondly since Jubilee is nearly a year (11 months). Instead I am giving her raw milk (another controversial subject- Here are a few links to get you started if interested http://www.realmilk.com/, http://www.raw-milk-facts.com/). I am also making kefir with the raw milk and kefir grains daily for a smoothie, and occasionally adding things like coconut oil. She also eats one or two egg yokes every day.

        Straying a bit off the subject, after my husband recently read “The Outline of Sanity” by GK Chesterton, we have been convicted to try to be local consumers as much as possible. This will be a process I think, but we’ve started with getting our milk from a local dairy. It’s process we are really excited about continuing.

        Back to formula, I have a girlfriend here that was unable to nurse her second and she made her formula from a recipe in a book called “Nourishing Traditions” by Sally Fallon (amazon has a little overview and tons of fairly long reviews). I’m sure you could google and find recipe’s out there as well obviously you’d want to find something reputable (which I believe “Nourishing Traditions” to be) this like so many other parenting things is something for thought, prayer, and research.

        On a side note we’re certainly not perfect eaters, I think this too is a process for us. I still let my kids (and myself) eat what I consider filler or just plain crap (gummy bear anyone?). Jubilee already knows the crinkle of a candy wrapper…

  11. Anna says:

    We had both of our girls vaccinated and I really thought that there was no other way. I hated the fevers and the pain and dreaded “shot” visits. After our third was born I read an article on a blog that mentioned all about vaccines and listed what was in them. After lots of prayer and research we chose not to vaccinate any more. Our boys have had no shots whatsoever and after that first year we haven’t vaccinated the girls either…I just wish that we knew then what we know now and hadn’t done any shots for them at all. I did switch to another pediatrician in the same practice who 100% supported our decision and has been very pleased with the health of our munchkins. They only get maybe one cold a year…that’s it. They eat great and I’m a big germ freak so we’ve never had a problem 🙂 I will always be so incredibly thankful to the Mom who showed us that there was another way and walked me through it. As parents we really need to be well informed about the health of our children and not simply follow the same patterns without question.

    • Dreawood says:

      @Anna, Thank you so much for sharing this Anna!
      This is exactly why I blogged what I blogged. I wish someone would of told me too! I have guilt that I got my 1st born so many shots that 1st year… My relief comes in knowing God protected him.. and hes ok (As far as we know). I just think so often, moms just assume its ok, because a Dr. says so. I dont think dr’s intention is to ever harm a child.. but I think to want to give a 6 mo old 3 shots (one being DTAP – that has thimerasol *sp?* aka mercury) , plus the flu vaccine/h1n1 *which also has mercury*, is just ridiculous and not wise. There is no reason to shove all that into a baby so young.

      Mothers should ask to see the ingredients on those vaccines. Dont just let them put them in your baby without reading them. Mothers should be able to ask for individual shots, instead of combination ones. Instead of getting the MMR at all once, get them one by one. Get mumps one visit, then get Measles at a different visit… If your practice doesnt offer that, go to a different practice or ask your pediatrician to order them. They can! After all, whos paying for it? US, our insurance, which we pay. You know?

      Any who 🙂 thank you again for sharing. Im grateful for moms who put this out there and help other mothers learn something they may not of been aware of. I learned about vaccines through friends and blogs as well. I am so thankful for them.

  12. Thanks mate. Nice website you got going on here. Have some extra sites to link to which have more info?

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