Beauty where I grew up

These photos were taken in my parents front yard… where I grew up.

Beautiful isn’t it?

My dad told me it was a “Purple Beautyberry.



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32 Yr old Mom to 4 boys. Married to a former Cop who now Pastors a Evangelical church in SC. Professional Photographer and random blogger @
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5 Responses to Beauty where I grew up

  1. Sarah says:

    Wow that is gorgeous! Love it.

  2. scatterbrain says:

    Is that shade of purple for real?? I mean,are you sure those aren’t plastic beads stuck to a branch?? beautiful! The plant reminds me of the coffee plant. Coffee beans grow in a similar fashion and are beautiful red berries before they’re plucked, dried, roasted and ground.

  3. Pansy Picht says:

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