They aren't always gungho

Since starting home school I have enjoyed it… sure it has taken a lot of my free time… but its so nice to have your kids with you… and enjoy learning together… also by lunch time we are done! So we get the entire afternoon to do as we please.

One struggle I have had however since starting home school… is Caleb saying things like:

“I don’t understand why I have to have school here & not at that school” pointing outside across the road.
(we live within walking distance of the elementary school in our town)

Or things like:

“I really don’t like school… why can’t we go there…”
(again pointing outside)

then… today, I took the boys to the school book fair across the road… Thinking they’d enjoy it, since it was one of my favorite things I did at school… I remember LOVING the book fairs.

As we walked through the halls, yet again Caleb said:

“I wish I went here instead.”

*The above photo was taken on our way back from the book fair…
MAN DO MY KIDS LOOK MISERABLE!!! haha… I promise you though they had a great time at the fair…
and Caleb has enjoyed learning with the book he got that is about EARTH, Planets & locations around the Globe*

DSCF1076Its not easy to here these things though… and I think often times we would naturally want to just give into our childs “initial wants…” – we dont want them to feel like outcast… or not have fun… and what not… I want Caleb to enjoy school.. and I honestly and truly believe he will.. its just an adjustment right now.

With home school its just Caleb, Taite and myself (or Travis) & Owen I guess ;-)… thats it. He doesnt have other kids he can watch taking instruction from a teacher… he is surrounded by his “regular things”… and I think it can be very distracting for a kid his age. While other kids are in an environment with no distractions (besides maybe each other), Caleb has many…

This is a struggle right now, however I am so confident we are doing the right thing…
so its just one of those things I have to get past.

Next month we get to go on our 1st home school field trip with a Home School Group I just joined! Im super excited about it.
I think once we start doing more things like that, and get even more into the routine of things, Caleb will be grateful we home school.

Just the other day Travis’ sisters oldest daughter (whos in college now), told her mom how thankful she was that her mother home schooled her. All 3 of her daughters went through the Abeka program we are using.

Im learning as they are learning πŸ™‚

On a more exciting note… Caleb is going through this work with flying colors. Hes so bright!

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3 Responses to They aren't always gungho

  1. Jenn says:

    It’s hard when you’re not “doing what everyone else is doing”. We’ve opted to send our daughter only 1/2 days to Kindergarten (they do full days, but since the state only funds half days (so far) they are required to offer half days. We are, I’m pretty sure, the only parents taking that option. She went to an amazing preschool and already reads at a 1st grade level. She knows practically all of the items on the K check list (except for things like tying her shoes and knowing her phone number and address), so I’m not at all concerned with her falling behind academically. At first, the school seemed very supportive but when I tried arranging her schedule so she wouldn’t miss out on anything (like sending her 3 mornings and 2 afternoons a week), they balked. WE know what’s best for her. Of course she’s going to ask to go all day–all her friends are. She might ask for chocolate cake for breakfast too but that doesn’t mean we give it to her! I know she is not ready physically to be in school 7 hours a day. And honestly, I think it’s a bit CRAZY to have a bunch of 5 year olds in school for that long every day. I used to teach so I understand the educational aspect of things. But it’s really sad when you get pressure from everyone-teacher, principal, neighbors, friends-about “why aren’t you sending her all day??”
    Sorry to write a book! Just wanted to say I know how you feel πŸ™‚

  2. Malia says:

    We homeschooled for the past 3 years and this year we are sending our older 2 to public school. I heard the same comments from my kids when we homeschooled…now they want to be home. The grass is always greener. As adults we do this too. πŸ™‚ I wanted my husband to work M-F and since this move, that wish has been granted. I of course am now longing for the weird unpredictable schedule we used to have. You are great to see the blessings of having them near- even though your days are far from easy. Just like vaccinating… It’s hard if you do it on “their” schedule, and it’s hard if you do it on your schedule! We all just have to do the best that we can with our kids and trust them to God! Each family is different and how great that we can make these choices for our kids!

  3. Bren says:

    You’ll probably see a HUGE difference once Caleb starts with the homeschool group. Maybe he’s saying one thing and meaning another. Maybe he just wants to be around other kids, so the group will fulfill this for him. Also, is he saying this at the same time each day, or after a certain amount of schooling? Could be he just needs a short break to run around outside. πŸ˜‰ Even the kids in public school get to form a line and march some of that energy out on their way to specials (Art, Music, PE…). This will work itself out!

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