Why you so Itchy?


As I sat at the recliner this morning, trying to wake up, sipping on some caffeine

Taite walks up to me…

Gives me a BIG HUG around my legs…

but quickly backs away saying:

“Why you so Itchy?” giving my legs one last rub.

I just laughed 🙂

I suppose when this happens you realize

“Hmm… might be time to shave!”

– life of a mom 🙂

I’m sure others can relate…

or maybe this just grossed you out 😉

Either way, it was a must have on the blog..


About dreawood

32 Yr old Mom to 4 boys. Married to a former Cop who now Pastors a Evangelical church in SC. Professional Photographer and random blogger @ www.dreawood.com
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5 Responses to Why you so Itchy?

  1. Oh I just did that but it wasn’t my kids complaining. I was my husband “noticing” and my sister noticing. I said, I WAS GOING TO…. on the day I slashed my finger open. Bad timing!

  2. Renee says:

    that is hilarious, and I love it!!!

  3. Sarah says:

    Ha ha! You should see my legs. LOL!! Cute pictures of Taite.

  4. Sheena says:

    Hahaaaa. I’m real itchy right now, lol.

  5. Kathryn says:

    ha! My oldest has said that to me before, too.

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