Don't touch my face

holdhairI took this photo the other day with my cell phone, while sitting at the recliner one morning (hence the kinda sloppy shirt!), feeding Owen… and attempts to capture one of the sweet things Owen is doing right now.

I am one of those types who does not like their face touched.

My face breaks out easily and is super sensitive… so I never EVER let people touch it. Not even my husband 🙂 – He has learned over the years to not be offended by this. Its just a thing I am touchy about.

The one person right now however who has full permission to touch my face…

Is sweet Owen.

Any time I feed him now his hand goes up… and it rubs my cheeks and fiddles with my hair.

He will twist his little finger around the ends of my hair… and pat the side of my face so sweetly.


I find that when I feed him I have enjoy holding him higher and closer to my chest… obviously with bottle feeding its tempting to lay them on our leg… or lay them down lower on a recliner arm… after all, these babies are heavy!! There is just something about these times though that I feel such a desire to hold him super close and snug.

I found it really sweet to how the other day Caleb fed Owen… and as he fed him Owens little hand went up… and started to pat Calebs cheek 🙂

My only wish was that I got a picture of Calebs smile when he did that.

Was priceless.



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4 Responses to Don't touch my face

  1. Jenn says:

    My son (now 3) has been a hair twirler since the day he was born! I love it. He still likes to twirl my hair (or his big sister’s!) when he falls asleep. I have many pictures from when they shared a bed of him fast asleep with his hand still in sister’s hair. Precious!

  2. Megan C. says:

    So precious! I know you will treasure this!

  3. Aura says:

    Awwww So sweet of Owen. Touching and feeling is very important and comforting for babies.

  4. Renata says:

    My girls were the ones pulling (not twirling) my hair. Baby V loves to pinch my arm. Ouch!

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