Dental 1st – No Meltdown!

DSCF0982Almost 3 years ago we attempted to take Caleb to the dentist.
I did the whole “let them watch you get poked and prodded, and they’ll do fine, right?”
WRONG hah!

Caleb at age 3 had a MAJOR MELT DOWN, I mean total disaster freaking out kinda melt down.
He kicked and screamed (which was not like him).

So I gave up on the dentist… but told him when he was 6, he’d have to go.

So… today, on his actual birthday 😉 what a present! haha… he went.

We all went, besides Taite. I had someone watch Taite (THANK YOU!), so we wouldnt risk scaring Taite, if Caleb did freak out again. Thankfully though, Caleb didn’t….

and we were so proud of how well he did.

He didnt fidget, or fuss, nothing. He sat right there just as calm as could be.

The hygienist said “I can tell you aren’t 5… you are definitely 6.”

That gave him the biggest booster and smile on his face. He was so proud.

So my advice to moms trying to force their 3 yr olds to have a cleaning… don’t lol… just wait a few years, trust me, HUGE different… and honestly whats the rush? If you brush those lil toofers well, there should be no need for a dental apt until age 6. Calebs teeth btw looked great 🙂 and the Dr. said he has lots of room for new teeth to come in, yay, so hopefully no braces in the future.

Also Calebs 6 yr molars are coming in (never knew there were 6 yr molars!) – That explains the back of his mouth being sensitive.

He also has a loose tooth! I had no idea.

She said it may be a few months, but more than likely he will loose one before Christmas.

Heres a few more pics for fun. Oh and Owen had fun watching 😉





& a video from Caleb after the cleaning was done:


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3 Responses to Dental 1st – No Meltdown!

  1. Sarah says:

    So cute! I was wondering when I should take Dustyn. I guess I will wait. LOL!

  2. Jenn says:

    Yeah, I took my 5 yr. old in to the doctor for her pre-kindergarten checkup and the doctor recommended taking her to the dentist. I haven’t taken her yet for the very same reason-I KNOW that she would completely freak out and I don’t want her terrified of the dentist already!

  3. Bren says:

    Lolol…”She’s not going to cut your teeth out.” That’s so funny! The things kids come up with. XD

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