Super Swim Party

We decided this year to have Calebs birthday party at a pool.
We attended a birthday party at a pool a month before Caleb’s & we loved how well everyone played together. No need for lots of toys… or messes… the kids were so well entertained by the pool. Its just what I wanted for his party.

We had a great turn out and all went so well!
The weather was perfect!!

The only thing I would say that went kinda wrong 🙂 was the pool was sortaaaa green haha.
My friend who was letting us use this pool told me around this time a year it turns green, they aren’t sure why… but they had the “pool man” come check the chemical levels, and he said all was ok.

As Taite said “Its just a little ALLLLEEE GEEEEE (algae)” 🙂

We had a great time. I hope everyone else did as well 🙂

Heres a few pictures from the event…

Owen was excited to see the party started 🙂

Heres a look at the wonderful cryptonite pool!







Kelly & Brian being cute together at the pool


My friend Lauries two boys (ages 10 and 7) remind me of Caleb & Taite together.


Laurie got to soak up some Owen love 🙂


Jacob nursed Drew 😉


We enjoyed a very relaxed schedule. People were welcome to eat as they wanted.
Im not very good at “timelines” 🙂 so I figured that be better for everyone.

My other friend Kelly had some babywearing time with Drew (using my Kimz Kreation Sling)
& Laurie freed me up some by feeding Owen (I think she was getting a baby fix with him HAHA)


Then… after we were all fed, and together, it was time to sing Happy Birthday.
Thank you to Micki who made Calebs cake! Isnt it fun?!
She also made it DAIRY and EGG FREE for us!
Kelly’s kids can’t have those things so we wanted to make sure
our Cake was safe for them to enjoy.

She gave me an easy alternative recipe to give Micki to use 😉 worked great and tasted good too.



I love this next picture and the motion in it 🙂 Check Taite out cheesing on the right side


IMG_0105 copy

Caleb then got to open up presents!


The Cheerio box my mom sent in the mail 🙂
I thought it was funny, Caleb was like “I got cereal?”
Of course inside were his gifts.

We then enjoyed MORE pool time! (See no toys needed!)


Heres Taite giving the thumbs up, see the water was JUST FINE green 🙂


Heres a photo of Kelly & Kelly with me 🙂


Laurie & I (with her husband droiding it in the BG)


& lil Owen. He pretty much stayed with Laurie the entire time.


I hope to post a “Caleb’s 6!!” post on his actual birthday (tomorrow).
But I wanted to share his special birthday day before we got to busy home schooling this week.

We are half way through the 1st home school day. Caleb is doing great! I will also post more about how his 1st day (or few days haha) went later on this week.

& to end… heres a funny story.

Kelly’s little boy Gabe (whos 2) had to use one of Owens cloth diaper covers as a swimmy diaper. He dirtied his disposable swimmy, so I let him use this. While Gabe was walking around he began to PEE in the diaper… and all of a sudden stopped… looking inside the diaper. At 1st I thought he was checking out his stuff HAHA, bu then we realized he was confused as to why his pee didnt absorb into anything, it just filled up the diaper like a big balloon. 🙂 He waddled over to his daddy… where his daddy then parted the side of the diaper around his leg, and a big POOL of pee flooded out! It was SO FUNNY! I wish I had gotten a video of all of it 🙂

These pictures say it all though.


Thanks again all those who came!
& if you’d like to see these pictures & more CLICK HERE for the flickr album.


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3 Responses to Super Swim Party

  1. Amanda says:

    Is that one of the outfits I sent? :-p

    I love Tatie’s thumbs up! LOL

  2. Megan C. says:

    Happy Birthday to Caleb! And I think the water looks really cool! Almost like a tropical island!

  3. Nicole Hyatt says:

    These are so good! Kelly, you look great and the pictures of Gabe and the diaper are hilarious!!! 🙂

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