This morning as we sat and did our morning routine, before the kitchen workers got here… I saw an abundance of cars outside our window… and realized “ohhh yeah, school starts back today.”

IMG_9715As car after car piled into our street (to those who dont know, we live within like 50 feet of the school in town, we could walk there)… I began thinking “might be nice for the boys to go there….” – after all, ITS RIGHT THERE…

It allow me so much more free time…

I could build my business sooo good if I had just a few hours each day to devote to business work…

I could have a clean home… well cleaner? 😉

I could enjoy some alone time with Owen…

the list could go on…

As a kid who grew up in public school I honestly dont see much harm in it… after all, Im ok, right? My husband was home schooled, hes ok, right?

I honestly believe it is by the grace of God I was raised in a Christian home and led the right away… I think with Gods grace and protection I was guarded during those early years in school.

I dont think it is wrong to send our children to public school... I know in some situations you have too… both parents work and theres just no way to go about it differently…

but for me… (and this entire post is FOR ME and about my own PERSONAL convictions – I am not writing this to point fingers at what anyone else is doing, because we each have to make these decisions ON OUR OWN)

I am able…
My business is run by ME… I make my hours…
My home doesn’t have to be perfect…
I can enjoy Owen and any more babies to come just as much with my other children around, as I could alone.

Our home schooling starts next week on the 30th. Because of the kitchen work we were unable to start today (on the actual town school start day)… but thats ok, it all works out & we are excited to start!

One of the things that really influenced me and gave me such a drive to home school, besides the Word and how we felt led as a family…. was a sermon series called “The Children of Ceasar”

Ive posted about this before but thought id put a quick youtube clip up from his sermon. Id recommend this to anyone on the fence about home schooling…

& like I said above…
I think we each have to make this decision up for ourselves… and what we feel is best for our families… but I do wish those who may turn their nose up to those who home school, would realize… we are only doing what we feel is best for our children... we dont home school to put down hard working teachers… or other children… I think to often people have this “image” of home school families… and think we are like anti-public school… or that we dont do much all day… but thats far from it!

Either way, public or home schooled, or even private, love your children, spend time with them outside of school, teach them the Word!! spend time with them on school activities… be involved. Our time with them is precious.


About dreawood

32 Yr old Mom to 4 boys. Married to a former Cop who now Pastors a Evangelical church in SC. Professional Photographer and random blogger @ www.dreawood.com
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13 Responses to Tempting…

  1. tanya says:

    I have prayed over a decsion to homeschool our children over and over again. It breaks my heart that it isn’t in the cards for us right now. If we want to pay our mortgage we both have to work. Yes, I would sell our home in a heartbeat to stay home and school our children. However, we all know what it is like to sell a home in the current state of our ecomomy. We do not live in a big house, we drive cars that are both going to die on us anyday now and everyday when I am at work (I am a nanny) my heart is with my children. I have one in high school,one in Junior High and one in fourth grade. The years are zipping past and my opprotunity to actually homeschool is slipping by. That makes me sad.
    Sorry for the downer of a post.
    Enjoy every homeschooling minute you have with those sweet precious boys.

  2. Eva says:

    It’s funny how it’s always greener on the other side. I always desired to homeschool.. since our 12 year old son was little. But due to peer pressure we sent him and his sister off to public school. At the time all I wanted was to be a homsechooler. Now.. after two years of homeschooling and though I love it part of me thinks like you were saying.. “I want to be like everyone else, send the kids off, time to myself, go shopping by myself, have more time to fellowship with other ladies, build my business and the list goes on” But there is a reason for everything and there is a reason God gave me the strong desire to homeschool. And we are doing well at this homeschooling thing and will keep at it 🙂

  3. Heather says:

    Selah is only 3 now, so I have more time to think about this, but it is definitely a hard decision.

  4. Arminda says:

    We just started homeschooling this year. My boys are 5 1/2 and 3, so we are doing kindergarten. We just started Monday and it’s going great. Even three years ago when I had my second son, homeschooling was no where on my radar as an option. I don’t know exactly when it was placed on my heart but I kept feeling that little nudge. I finally mentioned it to my husband and we both began praying about it. The more we talked about it, the more it felt like it was the right fit for us. Our school system started back yesterday and I too felt a twinge of being left out of the traditional “back to school” excitement, new clothes, backpacks, all of that. But then I overheard my oldest son telling the neighbor girl yesterday how much fun he’s having at “our school”. 🙂 A happy mommy moment!

    Good luck with starting next week!

    (Loved the video too, never heard it put quite like that.)

  5. Lindsey says:

    God is so awesome! We have been planning on homeschooling our kids for a while now. My son has one more year before Kindergarten. I have been doing “preschool” stuff with him now. As soon as our new baby is born (October), I plan to jump in a little deeper. Anyways, I have really been wondering if we were making the right decision and starting to “grieve” over the fact that my child won’t experience “school” like everyone else. Literally this morning I was wrestling with these thoughts, and then you posted this video. Thank you so much! I know God wanted me to see this!

    BTW, what curriculum materials do you plan to use? Thanks!

  6. Drea says:

    awe im glad Lindsey… was just posting how i felt 🙂 figured i wasnt alone.
    We are going to be using A BEKA 😀

  7. Andrea says:

    We are going to be homeschooling our kids as well, and I feel very blessed (and a little overwhelmed!) to have the chance to keep our kids at home and teach them here. I’ve never heard of that sermon you were writing about…but it sounds really good…I;d love to listen to the whole thing….is there a free online copy of that sermon somewhere?

  8. Dreawood says:

    Hey Andrea, no, it has to be purchased, its like $12, so worth it tho!!

  9. ElisabethCS says:

    Very good post as usual. Great sermon by the way. Very convicting. So much of our time as parents tends to be about discipline and correction. I can only pray we are teaching our 2nd grader enough about Christ. I truly believe we have set a foundation and planted a seed that I trust HE will grow. It’s so hard. Our 3 year old is going to be “home schooled” for the month of Sept and then start a pre-school that is ran by the high school. I know he needs to be around other kids his age. I saw my brothers not flourish in social behavior while they were home schooled. That is really a concern of mine. My brothers had to go to public school eventually and were given more opportunities, such as band, which I believe helped them tremendously. So I really do think that there is a right and wrong way to home school. I know my parents did the best they could, but seeing my parents struggle just confirms my belief, that home schooling is not for me.

  10. Stephanie says:

    He spoke at Cedarville!

  11. Ashley says:

    That sermon was wonderful!! We also start homeschooling kindergarten next week. It seems there are a lot of us with this age.I am excited/nervous but feel at peace with my decision. I look forward to following your journey!

  12. Alison P says:

    I’m a huge homeschooling advocate. And Voddie Baucham is awesome. I totally agree with what he said. Public schools are government-run schools with an agenda. Who better to teach your children than you! Praying for you in this first year of homeschooling!

  13. Mary Beth says:

    wow Drea, you said it, it is sooo tempting for all of the reasons you listed above…you took the words right out of my mouth….but like you say, it is so worth it to keep your kiddos home too, if you can 🙂
    I enjoyed this sermon, thanks!

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