It started with a BAKED potato :-)

The other day we went to Wendys for lunch. Its the one fast food place I really like. With all the kitchen construction going on we’ve become regulars there the past couple weeks. I shop the dollar menu of course!

One day Travis & I were eating a baked potato. I decided to try giving Owen a piece. The bake potato was soft but far from “puree’d” – I was just curious how he’d do… The last time I attempted to give him any sort of baby food, he spit it all out. I think because this was “more food like” and not mushy liquid.. he loved it.

I only gave him a few bites that day, but yesterday decided Id try making him some baby food.


I got some raw organic cauliflower (I had to use spell check on that word btw hahha), and broccoli. I called my friend Kelly to make sure I knew how to cook these items 🙂 – she knows way more about cooking things properly than I do.

So heres what I did…

After cutting the two veggies up into clusters, I put them separately into big pots. Filled them with like an inch 1/2 of water, then set it on high to bring things to a boil.


Once they were boiling I turned them down to simmer…. and let them simmer for about 10 minutes (covered).

After simmered I dumped the water and let them cool for a bit…


Then.. as they were cooling I decided to try mushing up just the cauliflower (ohhh I spelled that without spell check this time! HAH!) – and feeding Owen it straight without puree-ing it. So it be more chunky.

Heres a visual for you 🙂



& then… his reactions







Ohh yes, more please






& his first meal was outside on the deck.
& his Nana & Papa got to see it too, we skyped the meal! 🙂
So fun..


& as you can tell our “disposable diapers” have been broken out due to all the crazyness in our home due to kitchen renovations. I am seriously so behind on laundry its sad. I did 3 loads yesterday and I think I have 5 more to do today. We didnt have very good access to our laundry room during the renovating… so using the washer was not easy, so cloth diapers – no way – I had to buy a pack of disposables the other day after using “our shower diapers” we got… and I was just amazed at how quickly you go through disposables in just a week! Im so glad I dont have to use them on a regular basis… cause that is just expensive!

Ok! Soo…
After Owen had a small portion of cauliflower, I decided to finish up prepping his food for the next month.

I then…

smushed up the cauliflower with a fork (like I did the portion he ate above)


I decided to use my puree mixer to help smash up the broccoli however… broccoli seems to have a much harder texture even steamed…


I then mixed the two together like so


Then placed them in these ($1 at the Dollar Tree for 2)


I will then freeze them, then place the cubes into freezer bags.

& thats it!

I had extra so I put that into pyrex glass containers to use throughout the week.

Doctors say to only introduce 1 – 2 foods each week… that way if your baby has an allergic reaction you will know which foods caused it. So this week I will give him the cauliflower and broccoli mix & Im also going to attempt on giving him mashed up peaches in a few days.

I am going to try and give him chunkier foods though… I think I would prefer Owen to eat more “people food” than “baby food” – since he did fine swallowing chunks of potato and cauliflower, I think thats just a sign that he is ready for thicker substances… and doesnt really need any puree’d food. Although I am sure ill grab a few jars of puree baby food for trips 😉 – its just easier sometimes IMO but I would love to use mostly home made foods for Owen.

To those curious, Owen does not have teeth yet but I think one is coming!


NOTE: A friend shared with me THIS POST on another moms blog about prepping baby food, and hers puts mine to shame!! its fantastic!!!!

– Also a great website HERE for ways to cook fruits to prep for baby food. I have a big batch of fresh peaches in the oven right now 🙂
& if you want to do veggies HERE are some recipes for those as well


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8 Responses to It started with a BAKED potato :-)

  1. Renee says:

    looking yummy! I prefer table food for our kids then the store jar stuff (I tried tasting them and yuck LOL)

    Good job on doing this!

  2. Joy says:

    I love making Cecelia’s food. She has some jarred food, but I have made most of it. I will warn you about the dollar tree ice trays. I bought the exact same ones and the very first time I tried to get the cubes out it shattered into 100 pieces. I ended up having to go with Rubbermaid trays

  3. Joy says:

    Oh and I can’t believe how much of his hair is gone. He is tooooooo cute

  4. Drea says:

    I know 😦 hes lost almost all of it, but actually i see new growth so hopefully that means he will have a full head sooner than later 😉

  5. sheri says:

    He is too cute! Funny how he was pulling into his mouth. Yesterday, I steamed cauliflower too and pureed it. Then I put it into mashed potatos. Love to sneak in veggies that way :)ha ha
    You should try giving him mashed avacado. That would be super easy for you right now too.

  6. Drea says:

    I was going to do avocado too, but our local store didnt have any! weird huh? im go ing to look at another store soon

  7. Mama zara says:

    congratulation.. welcome to ur new son

  8. thanks for linking to my site! You have a beautiful baby & are doing a great job, mama! Hope you get to enjoy some of those delicious veggies too!! 🙂

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