Always Neat

DSCF0910Tonight I ran off to walmart to grab a few groceries… I left all 3 boys with Travis.. in hopes that all would go well, but… about 20 minutes into my trip I got word from Travis that Owen was not so happy… so I rushed to finish my shopping… but as I was headed out I decided to grab a redbox movie, since I had a free movie promo.

As I was checking out I was approached by a woman who smiled 🙂 and said she read my blog! How fun is that? She was so sweet and gave me the nicest compliments on my photography and blog… and then said “I feel like im meeting a celebrity.” I was flattered, so nice to hear people enjoy my blog… I love being able to connect with my readers… although in that particular instance I was unable to really chat long, since I knew Travis was counting down the seconds for me to get home and help with Owen 🙂 – but it is always a pleasure to meet new faces.

It also really makes me realize I have to guard my words.. and be careful what all I say on my blog.
I try to keep my blog real.. I try to be super transparent and share my heart many times.. but sometimes I say the wrong things, im not perfect… & I really need to be more careful sometimes. I do believe though during those times I may not say the right thing, those who read my blog and maybe bring it to my attention, the Lord is using them to help refine me! I love how that works… despite it sometimes being hard to take in.

We’ve had a busy afternoon… we were gone from like 11-3 running errands… but while out we got to meet up with my friend Kelly who just had a baby! I got to hold her baby whos name is Drew Owen 🙂 hmm… hes Andrew Owen 😉 I photographed the birth, and Im so cool maybe Kelly named her baby after me?? and my Owen, HAHAHA, Id like to think so, but I know she didnt HAHA..


When I held him though he was SOOOO TINY!!! I just couldnt believe how small and light he felt compared to Owen.
It made me realize how fast things are going! Owen looked HUGE next to him. – the photo above doesnt do the size difference justice though, the angle is a bit deceptive 🙂

I’m off to watch a movie with Travis, then catch some zzz’s. I have a play date with THIS lovely photographer and her two boys tomorrow. Im also still awaiting that phone call from Aliesha 😉 – saw her tonight too.. shes so ready to have her baby girl! She will be 40 weeks friday (on my birthday).


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32 Yr old Mom to 4 boys. Married to a former Cop who now Pastors a Evangelical church in SC. Professional Photographer and random blogger @
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4 Responses to Always Neat

  1. lindy says:

    aww thats too cute:)
    and how awsome is that, that you saw someone in wal-mart that reads your blog?

  2. Jenn says:

    After my first was born, everyone kept telling me that I would quickly forget how little they are (she was just under 7lbs.) and I thought they were all CRAZY. But they were all RIGHT! Even with my big big boy, I forget quickly how little they are as newborns. They grow so fast!!

  3. Renee says:

    how cool is it to meet one of your reader 🙂

    Owen is growing so much, he is adorable!!!

  4. Joanna says:

    I was just thrilled to have met you and ever-so-flattered that I am blogworthy! 🙂 I was with my friend and colleague from school when I saw you, and we separated in Walmart briefly so that I could have the opportunity to speak to you. When I reconnected with her in the store, I told her, “I hope that I didn’t appear stalker-ish to her, but I just couldn’t pass up speaking to her when I enjoy her blog so much.” Come to find out, my friend knows you through her connection to your church (her name is Elizabeth, and she teaches Spanish with me at the local high school), and she assured me that you are very friendly and probably didn’t mind that I spoke to you. However, I’m glad that your blog reaffirmed that! Keep up the great work–I’m a fan!

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