After the Yard Sale

This past weekend we’ve been rather busy…

WE.. or maybe I… decided it was time for a yard sale. I really wanted to rid my home of excess clutter… and one day just started tossing stuff.. I mean bags… and bags of items that we just did not need.

The boys have VBS a few weeks ago and while they were away at that, I went through their room… getting rid of toys I didnt think they played with or would miss… I also threw out anything broken.

The 1st thing BOTH of them said when they got home that afternoon was “WOW!! look how clean it is, where did you find all our toys?!” – Because they HAD SO MUCH, they were unable to FIND what they really wanted. Ridding them of all the excess stuff, resulted in them playing better… and being able to find things better.

IMG_6290So after seeing how nice that was… I decided to continue to do room by room… and was just in awe at how much we really had.

Then I decided since we had SO MUCH from in our actual home, to finally just take on ridding our storage shed and attic of extra items.



our entire sofa set (yup its gone!! wooo! – it needed to go – it was torn in many spots, stained and just to big!! – Not to mention not my style any more…)

our coffee table

old entertainment center

old blankets and quilts we no longer used


a tv

and more!

We made a total of $240.00

IMG_6283Not TO bad.. not as good as I had hoped… but honestly, Im more happy about ALL THAT STUFF, being Gone!! the MONEY is just an extra perk and will go towards the purchase of “one sofa” for our living room.. rather than having an entire SOFA SET, we would rather just find one really nice one.

A BIG THANK YOU to my friend Kelly M. – Her and her husband Jacob helped with our yard sale, and even brought some other items to sell as well. It was nice being able to hang out with them as we did the sale… made it a little more enjoyable πŸ™‚ and humerous.

Kelly wanted me to pretend like I was a hoarded, and each time someone bought something to get emotional over it πŸ™‚

Yeahhh, didnt do that haha.

After the sale ended, we put the boys down for nap… and as they slept I cleaned and tidyed up our newly open living room! No sofa, man it makes things look spacious! haha… I love how things are looking and cant wait to do more. I want to paint a couple walls in our living room and one day tackle our kitchen. We hope to one day BUY our own home… but for now we dont see that door opening yet… so I figure we may as well make use of what we got and enjoy it!!

When the boys got up from their nap (all 4 of them – yes even Travis napped!!) – I decided my husband needed a treat… for all his hard yard sale work.. and we went on over to Deadwood (an awesome family place nearby), for some outdoor fun. Our meal I must add was only $14 bucks, you can’t beat that! – It was the price of a few bed sheets we sold hahaha…

The Boys enjoyed play time on their play ground, a train ride and even a special treat of Ice Cream.

Owen enjoyed… well looking cute, drooling, cooing, drinking some milk… and of course catching some Zzz’s. Hes so easy!

I hope you all are having a wonderful 4th of July weekend!

Heres a few more photos to end…







This next photo was taken on the train, they were moving fast, im surprised I got them in focus πŸ™‚


This was Owen during the train ride








*Note: To those curious about what camera I used on these pictures… I used my Canon 5D w/ a 50mm 1.8 Lens. I RARELY take my “nice” camera out for personal use… Its just to much to bring out with all 3 kids… but today I made a special effort for once πŸ™‚ and was so glad I did… *


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4 Responses to After the Yard Sale

  1. Renee says:

    Wow Drea you have one good looking family πŸ™‚ And good job on the sale! Getting rid of clutter is so nice and feels good!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Tara Dew says:

    Yay for cleaning out, making money and spending fun family time! Sounds like an all-around great day!

  3. Diana says:

    I love purging my house of excess. I am usually very good at the this however, we have had a crazy set of life circumstances the last few years that has kept me from doing this. Now, I am trying to get everything purged and what a job. I just love the feeling of cleaning out the unnecessary in life. I have to do it when my hubs isn’t home because he has slight hoarding tendencies and keeps asking me “are you sure you want to get rid of that”? Then I end up rethinking it all. I got a new picture for my living room and after hanging up the new one my hubs asked “what are we going to do with the old one?” I said, “get rid of it”. We was “we can’t get rid of it”. Yes, we can and we need to. We live in a small town home with two children and we don’t have the space to keep unnecessary items and I love the feeling of living in an uncluttered, uncomplicated house!

  4. MonicaYB says:

    You are inspiring me in so many ways! I need to de-clutter and have a yard sale too…
    and I need to get my camera out WAY more often… in between sessions, it just collects dust, and I do not have nearly as many photos of my kids as I should, 😦
    Thank you for the inspiration!

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