ok.. ok, it wasn't the cat :-)

So as many of you guessed… the hair did not belong to our cat 🙂
Although the mental picture of shaving a cat to me seems very funny.

I decided to cut the boys hair for the summer.
With them in and out of the pool, putting on goggles, etc… it was just more practical to have less hair to deal with 🙂

Caleb went first, and was so excited about it… then once he showed Taite, who told me he wanted his hair long like mine… said “I want to look cool like Caleb.” and so I cut his as well.

I must admit I was nervous about the cuts… because last year when I did this Taite looked like a rooster lol… his hair was still thin up front and thick in the back, so a buzz looked a bit odd on him then… but this year, well you be the judge. How adorable is he with short hair!

Caleb I like with short hair but for some reason I think he is better suited with longer hair, not sure why 🙂
Still, hes handsome either way.




About dreawood

32 Yr old Mom to 4 boys. Married to a former Cop who now Pastors a Evangelical church in SC. Professional Photographer and random blogger @ www.dreawood.com
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2 Responses to ok.. ok, it wasn't the cat :-)

  1. Jenn says:

    Too cute! The last 2 times I’ve buzzed my almost 3 yr. old’s hair. He HATES having his hair cut so it’s a lot easier to just buzz it! His hair is so fine and so blonde that it actually looks better to use clippers and buzz than to try and layer it up with clippers or scissors (for me). And hey, it gives me a bit more time between the screaming madness that comes with his haircuts! ha

  2. Renee says:

    I like it! Good job 🙂

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