Summer is coming to an end…

My friend Jaime had this on her blog and asked for others to join in… so I thought I would 🙂

Favorite Summer Movie: I saw A LOT of movies this summer… mainly because we use netflix and dont watch as much TV (we no longer even have cable) … and honestly cannot pick just one off the top of my head. SORRY! 🙂 im no help there haha… I do look forward to the new twilight movie coming out this fall though!

Favorite Summer Cocktail: Well seeing as I dont drink… and im pregnant and SHOULDNT drink… I cant say I have a fav. cocktail 🙂 but I really do enjoy the fruit smoothies from Target as well as TCBY.

Favorite Summer Song: Lucky by Jason Miraz and Colbie Collait. Our new youth pastors future wife shared it with me. Its so cute!

Favorite Summer Meal: Im in love with almost all food right now! I do really love the Turkey sandwiches with basil and oil/vinegar from Jersey Mikes, so yummy.

Favorite Summer Outfit: A tunic style top (to hide the baby buldge but really oh so cozy any time for anyone) and jeans. At home though I wear my old ragged sweats that Ive had for years with an oversized tank top shirt. Im so beautiful in it you know 🙂 [its not much to look at…. but THATS OK!!]

Favorite Summer Reading: All my friends blogs! 🙂

Favorite Summer Moment: I would have to say our summer vacation! Was really neat staying in an RV with my family… Got to see old students and friends of ours from the church we served at in Ohio. I even got to do a pre-engagement session for a student of ours who is growing up sooo fast! That was really special… Then I had the chance to meet two awesome blogger friends Jaime and Kate. Was a great great trip.


If you join in let me know by commenting 🙂

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32 Yr old Mom to 4 boys. Married to a former Cop who now Pastors a Evangelical church in SC. Professional Photographer and random blogger @
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