I've blogged this before, BUT MAN!!

This morning my friend Angela and I went to do triple coupon shopping.

Whenever I do my grocery shopping I always try to take my reusable bags. I have a good few of them… but by far my favorite bags are called Envirosax. Mainly because they fold up into tiny little rolls that fit into my purse. 🙂

The bags though are fantastic… and fit a TON! Not to mention the straps are long enough to fit over my shoulder… so I can carry 4 FULL BAGS of groceries (two on each arm), and still have my arms free to open a door.

During triple coupons I was able to get almost all my groceries into 4 Envirosax.
I didnt get any plastic bags.

Tonight though Travis and I finished up the grocery shopping locally.. I had to get a good bit of stuff that I didnt get while shopping the triples.

I sadly forgot my bags…

And when I got home was just SHOCKED at how the woman packed our groceries (I wasnt in the line watching her do it… I had walked off with Caleb while Travis paid and she rung things up).


1 plastic bag for 4 bananas
1 plastic bag for a can of coffee
1 plastic bag for a thing of coffee creamer
1 plastic bag for calebs goggles he picked up…
DOUBLE bag for 1 gallon of milk….
Double bag for Orange Juice

get the point?

BBO Mei Tai shopping15-20 bags were used for less than I brought home this morning in the 4 Envirosax bags FULL of groceries….

It was ridiculous.

If you have 25 dollars… go out… buy you some reusable bags and save this planet some waste… I am not the most ECO friendly gal… Yes I used cloth diapers… yes I use reusable bags… and try to give my kids organic milk and meat… But I am by no means “super eco” hah… but to me it is just good common sense to use a nice set of reusable bags… that last over… and over… and over again.

I think if you use the coupon code: greenapple over at www.reusablebags.com you can save 10%

*THE PHOTO ABOVE: Was taken last year.. I only had 2 envirosax at the time… as you can see 2 wont do it… you need atleast 4 bags. Most reusable bag sites sell them as a set of 5.*


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32 Yr old Mom to 4 boys. Married to a former Cop who now Pastors a Evangelical church in SC. Professional Photographer and random blogger @ www.dreawood.com
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