Sippy and bottle no-no's

The other day Travis came to me and told me about a news show he saw on sippy cups. He said they gave a number for you to check on the bottom of your cup.. if it has the recycle numbers 3, 6 or 7… then you should toss the cup.

Calebs SiggThis website has a great post about this topic… so CLICK HERE to get the details.

I was amazed when I looked through the collection of sippy cups we had.. that a good majority of them were 3, 6 and 7! So I tossed them… and kept the few we had that were ok.

We use SIGG Bottles for juices and water… they work well..
For milk though it isnt recommended you use siggs. So I still needed a cup safe for milk products.

I hate nasty sippy cups that get milk particles all stuck in the tip… and after time you just have to buy new ones.

Yesterday I purchased some PLAYTEX Sippy cups. Kelly recommended them 😉 and they were one of the “safe” numbers… so I did.

I was a bit unsure how Taite would take to it.. He is very picky with sippy cups.. and lately has had a real time since I had to throw up his beloved NUK Gerber sippy (it was a bad number).

Thankfully he took to the Playtex cup just fine!

I may purchase Caleb a tumbler by playtex. This is a cup more suited for larger kids… Caleb really is to old for sippy cups now. I think I use it out of convenience.

Just thought Id let all those moms out there be aware of this warning… you’d assume all baby products would be safe… after all they are made for babies! but the way this world is today.. you can never be to safe.

ALSO as a plug.. we love our MABEL LABELS! I use them on any cup we buy for the boys.

They work so nicely! I purchased them with our last name on it though… rather than Taite or Caleb. This way we can use the same labels for all our children. I ordered a set of 80 I believe when Caleb was born.. and still have plenty to go around.

You can also put allergies on the labels as well. Very handy especially if your child has lots of them.

Off to blow dry my hair 🙂

Taites still poopy today… but seems in high spirits. Thanks for the prayers…


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8 Responses to Sippy and bottle no-no's

  1. Amber says:

    For picky sippers…some of the Nuby’s are OK…walmart has some!

  2. Renee Shaw says:

    Going to check my cups now!

  3. Wendy says:

    Never heard of this with the cups! I also am going to order those labels. Now that Lani is getting older and not with me 100% of the time these would help so much with her allergies!

  4. Stacey says:

    The Canadian government just announced that they will be removing BPA from the plastics in Canada! I’m so excited that they are taking this step. Apparently Canada is the first country to do this, but I’m sure the US will be close behind (at least I hope).I need to get rid of some of my sippy’s too. The Nuby cups are a great cheap alternative that don’t contain BPA.

  5. Stacey says:

    Oh, and another place you can check for all information about BPA and which things are safe, is The Soft Landing Blog.

  6. Feener says:

    i am currently on a hunt regarding safe sippy cups. we use the playtex, so i am glad to know those are on the safe side. however i still want a sigg, or something like it as well. i figure no plastic if possible is the best.

  7. Krista says:

    Thanks for the link and the info. I’ve been hearing about this recently, but wasn’t too worried… now I find that of all the sippy cups we have the only bad one is of course my son’s favorite, a Nuby. 😦 Good thing the new one I bought the other day is a safe one as his needs to be replaced anyway, the “no valve” sippy part doesn’t last long.I also found that one of the teething rings we have is on the no no list. Bummer as it’s also one of his favs.

  8. Amanda says:

    My sister-in-law mentioned to me that she knows a store that sells stainless steel sippy cups. I think I’ll try them! 🙂

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